What is Nature?

People attach all sorts of values to nature: calm, peace, raw, survival of the fittest, animals eating other animals, the opposite of urban life, powerful natural disasters, a self-conscious and interconnected Gaia that punishes humans threatening to destroy it.

But the truth is, nature is neutral, inert. It has no values. Even "the survival of the fittest" means nothing to nature. It just doesn't care what survives and what is fit, nor does it care about cute animals. It does not care about a baby elephant being killed cruelly by a parasite, nor does it care that humans are going to war with their own species. It does not care that humans are "destroying" it because nature itself cannot be destroyed, it can only be changed. An earth unfit for humans and animals to survive is still nature, even if there is no life in it. It does not care about life, it doesn't care if humankind destroys its own environment and goes extinct.

The essence of nature is nothing. Which is something that humankind, with its relentless pursuit of meanings, so often fail to understand.