Two things:

  1. As you might notice, this blogs address is now instead of (Jiann Tyng being my name but 90% of people eventually call me JT instead). I decided it is worth owning a website address I can carry wherever I want, should I decide to switch to another platform. Should you visit my old blog address, you’d be redirected to this new home.
  2. I’m reevaluating my writing gig lately. I think I should move on to writing in English eventually, since it might bring more like-minded readers and perhaps opportunities. I’m still figuring out my next step, meanwhile you should see the occasional post about leisurely stuff like films watched and tools I use here, and these will not be published elsewhere. I doubt there is time to maintain a blog, but I’d like to expand my scope a little, and prefer my writing to be less beholden to a publisher.